With 128 million of us out there, 

so many of us with Herpes no so little about our virus. 



Herpes Outbreaks on average occur about 3 to 4 times per year.  It is currently believed that you are also asymptomatically shedding two days before and two days after an outbreak.  At the onset of the outbreak, after the shedding period, there are sometimes symptoms called prodromes.  The most common prodromes are fatigue, lower back pain, leg pain (more common in women), and even a tingling or itching sensation at the place where you usually have your outbreak.


Telling someone you are dating that you have Herpes:

Well, it goes without saying (but we're going to say it anyway), that you should tell your partner that you have herpes BEFORE you are intimate with them.  It should be done at a time when they are thinking clearly as opposed to on the way to the bedroom.

Timing is the key.  If you tell someone too early they very well may make their decision to date you or not strictly based on Herpes.  Waiting until you have established a relationship with your partner will usually yield better results.   

The delivery you make will the have the biggest impact on how your partner takes the news.  Usually, their first reaction will be "What does this mean to me?"  Naturally, they'll be concerned about what will happen to them if they get it.  You do not want to deliver the news crying your eyes out.  Who wouldn't be scared about getting it seeing someone who is so upset about the virus?

A very common entrance to the discussion is to start talking about cold sores.  After all the odds are pretty good that your partner has them anyway.  Well, now you get to explain to them that they are a member of our group too!

When, and how you tell your partner is totally up to you.  We can only offer suggestions here.  Good Luck!

We will be providing a means for other users to post their stories and or delivery methods here in the very near future.